Frequently Asked Questions ??..
  • How is academy’s fees structure?
    Art Circle takes fees according to their terms. There are two terms in a year; each term period is of 5 months. In these 5 months we provide you 20 terns. 5 months means each term having fees 12,000/- which is necessary to pay at the time of starting of term. In one batch at least 1 or maximum 3 students are allow. Fees will be same for everyone. If in case, there is a extra student who wants to get an admission(means more than 3) for the same batch then that forth one have to pay 5000/- and that will be considered for the each term.
  • From when we can join the academy ?
    You can join the academy from any day and from that day your term will be considered.
  • What kind of syllabus will be there?
    There will be different kind of syllabus from jr. /sr. up to hobby classes. It is decided by the teacher that what kind of assignments will be taken on the basis of that child capacity (his/her mental state). We take efforts and teach children to texture things like line drawing, sketching, shape, colour etc.
  • In how much period student can complete his /her syllabus?
    For the Art education Art Circle have not decided the limitation of learning process. But,we always try in short time how can we give maximum things to children.
  • Will we get cover up term?
    If teacher miss term due to any reason that cover up you will definitely get. But, if term missed by batch more than two terns (means three or more than three) then you will definitely get two terns from teacher.
  • Which material is necessary for class?
    Drawing paper, Pencil, Rubber, Sharpener, Oil pastels, Pallet, Water colour, Poster colour, Brushes, container, Marker, Glue, Metallic paint etc.
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  • From which standard student get appeared in academy?
    Student’s mental and physical growth is necessary as well as to become more flexible in drawing so for that from Jr. /Sr. standard students can join the academy.
  • How much is the fees of hobby classes & grade exam?
    For all batches of art circle fees structure is same. But, for hobby classes single student is allowed instead of 3.
  • Where the grade exam is conducted?(Elementary, Intermediate)
    Grade exam forms are available in every school and every school have centre of grade exams.