About Us

Our Vision

Art Education will contribute to a more just society and world and students perceive and think in new ways.

Kids learns to think creatively, with an open mind. Learns to observe and describe, analyze and interpret. Learns to express feelings,with or without words.

Discovers that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of view.

Art educates child in the broadest sense, both as creative practitioners engaged with a wide range disciplines in the visual arts and as enlightened citizens of the world who are prepared to question and transform society.

Art connect person and experience directly, building bridges between verbal and nonverbal, logic and emotion - the better to gain an understanding of the whole. Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, making music, the theater.

Art can make a critical difference in people’s lives.

Art encourage each individual to work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.Students need an understanding of, and access to, developing technologies in order to encourage participation and leadership in a technologically developing society.


Art may seem like fun and games---and it is…!

But you may not realize that your child is actually learning a lot through exploring the art and doing art activities. Your children will gain useful life skills through art, so encourage them to get creative.

Art Circle Academy this organization takes classes in Mumbai.This academy is always trying to improve the talent of a child and their creativity on basis of personal coaching and for this the academy gives the coaching to student at their home.

We have qualified and talented staff who have completed their courses like ATD.,GD-Art.,Dep-A-Ed., etc.

The academy arranges different kind of activities to make the learning process easy and joyful.

The colour knowledge, hidden qualities in child, their controls on drawing accordingly we have made the more easier and essential syllabus. In our syllabus line work, shapes, designs, colour knowledge, memory drawing, figure drawing, free hand drawing, develop picture memory, still life such as crafting, pasting these kind of subjects are included.

Rather than this, hobby classes are taken in academy for house wives and any other person who is interested in art. In hobby classes Indian art, modern art, oil, acrylic, water base media, copy paintings, madhubani, rajasthani, warali etc. sections are also included in.